Latest GTA 5 Game Update

Latest GTA 5 Game Update

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GTA 5's latest game update is now available, bringing with it a host of new gameplay changes, fixes and new features.

One of the biggest new additions is the ability to purchase and own property in the game world. Players can now buy apartments, businesses and other properties, and can even furnish and decorate them to their liking.

Owning property also comes with some new gameplay opportunities, such as the ability to collect rent from tenants, or to set up businesses which can generate income. Other new gameplay features include a new first-person only mode, which gives players the option to experience the game entirely from a first-person perspective.

There are also a number of new cars, weapons and other items which have been added to the game, and a host of bug fixes and performance improvements. Another addition is the new online Heists mode, which lets players team up and take on multi-part missions for big rewards. There are also a number of new vehicles, weapons and clothing items to unlock, plus a host of gameplay tweaks and fixes.

Also one of the biggest changes is the addition of a new mission type, called Heists. These missions see players teaming up to pull off large-scale robberies, and can be completed with up to four players. A number of other smaller changes have been made, such as the ability to sell cars, a new music player and radio station, and a host of tweaks and fixes.

Overall, the latest GTA 5 game update is a great addition to the game, and should keep players busy for many hours to come.